Ten Years On

TEN years!

Facebook ‘On This Day’ kindly reminded us of our ten years together anniversary with Paul posting the following message on my page five years ago…

Happy Anniversary! 5 years and 2 beautiful children! Can’t wait to have lots more ;). Love you loads, always have and always will xxxx

Very sweet! However, did he mean lots more years or lots more children (or both)??

Two more children later and we’re still here and going strong (for the most part)! We’ve had a busy 10 years with many highs and lows along the way. But that’s just life, right?

Pretty certain we’re both deserving of a bloody big medal for putting up with each other for so long!

We’ve been engaged for 8 years now and would LOVE to set a date and get married before we’re old and wrinkly! Its just so expensive. As lovely as it will be to have our children at our wedding, If we could do it again we would go to Vegas to get married…you know in that 3 month period we had before falling pregnant with Georgia haha!! That would have been crazy, but that’s how we roll. I’m just not sure we could justify spending tens of thousands on a single day. Paul thinks we should go abroad, Italy maybe. I’m not sure how fun that would be with four (or five or six) children in tow.

One day.

Here’s to the next ten years, and many many more! x



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