Kitchen Dilemma

I am guilty of wanting more out of life. Maybe its normal? Or maybe I’m just greedy! A new kitchen, a wedding, baby no5 and a Fiat 500 (ok, I have come to terms with the fact that the Fiat 500 is never going to happen, or at least until I have a job and a justifiable reason for a second car ;)) to name a few.

We’d always dreamed of living in a nice big house of our own, big enough for our children to have their own bedrooms and a garage for all Paul’s man stuff. After renting for years and leasing out our small flat we were thrilled to finally be in able to buy our first proper family home in 2015 . Many hours were spent scouring Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. I was so excited to put our stamp on it!

The decor was by no means bad and most rooms have been decorated since (some more than once), however the kitchen was/is dated, I hate it! It bothers Paul somewhat less than me but he’s on an oil rig for half the year so perhaps he has lower standards haha!

At the time, Paul’s job was safe. He was still receiving bonuses and work was pretty much guaranteed. So the ugly kitchen didn’t matter too much and we had hoped to have it replaced toot sweet. Fast forward almost 2 years and things are looking very different. There are no bonuses, and Paul’s wage has been cut 15% with talk of a possible temporary 50% cut. A new kitchen is looking more unlikely than ever.

So here’s the dilemma, and it’s a pretty sorry excuse for a dilemma really. We had planned to buy a tent this year. Decent camping equipment is expensive! If we do, it’ll mean putting the kitchen on hold for even longer. It will mean having to live with the hideous kitchen for the foreseeable. But it’s just a kitchen, right? It shouldn’t matter, I shouldn’t care. But it does and I do!

If we replace the kitchen, buying camping gear would no longer be financially feasible (at the moment anyway), which would mean taking precious memories of fun filled camping holidays (the only holidays they’ll be having, for a while) from our little people. How could we possibly do that?

Maybe we could just do a facelift in the kitchen (paint cabinets and replace worktop/tiles/flooring) and buy a more affordable tent?

We need a money tree!!! Anyone know where I can get one of those? I’ll add it to my list 😉

I’m fully aware of how ridiculous I sound. When there are people suffering in this world and all I’m in a dilemma over a bloody kitchen. Get a grip woman!!


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