Max’s Birth Story

And last but not least, our little Max..

We decided fairly soon after having Harris that we would quite like to add to our brood, and have a smaller age gap this time. I fell pregnant shortly after his first birthday. Sadly the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Despite things looking ok an early reassurance scan, I just had a feeling something was not right. I didn’t feel pregnant. I didn’t have the symptoms I’d had with the others. I held onto hope, though I knew deep down that it’d be bad news at the 12 week scan. It was and it was heartbreaking. I had to have a D and C the following week. 😥

We waited a while before trying again. I was having treatment on my cervix for CIN and wanted to get the all clear before becoming pregnant again.

Pregnancy after a loss is tough. You try so hard to relax and enjoy the pregnancy but the unknown is scary. Equally you feel so very lucky and grateful to have this chance again. Morning sickness has never been so welcome, it was reassuring. I had so much love for this little life growing inside me.

Most of the first half of my pregnancy was spent lying on the playroom sofa with Minions on repeat to keep Harris happy. I felt like a terrible mum but hey, he survived. I still can’t watch that film without feeling queasy!

We had a 4D gender scan, Georgia was delighted with the news of another brother…not! (She came round to the idea and totally dotes on Max).

I have always liked the idea of a home birth, my midwifes were very supportive. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. My placenta was low lying and had an extra lobe close to the cervix. We had several more scans with a consultant and although my placenta did move out the way, she put me off having a home birth and made me feel like I would be putting my baby at risk if I opted for one. I’ve heard that consultants don’t tend to care too much for home births and prefer woman to give birth in hospital. I felt a little disheartened, especially after our experience with the horrible midwife last time.

Our lovely friends Doug and Vikki were expecting their third baby around the same time. We spoke about how cool it would be if they were born on the same day! But really, what were the chances of that happening.

To our surprise, my waters broke at exactly 39 weeks! I’d never been early! We half expected to have him at home that day, either that or in the car (it was the weekend and there was roadworks on the A96 and lots of traffic building) as our other babies were born really soon after waters breaking. Nothing happened. I felt a lot of pressure but that was all!! I called the hospital and they advised to just wait and see then go in for monitoring the the following day. We did and baby was happy. They sent us home and booked me in for induction the next day. I was dreading the possibility of another 3 days on Westburn Ward.

I felt sick with nerves as we made our way to hospital. Disappointed with my body, as if it had failed me.

Luckily I was already 3cm dilated so no need for pessary’s. While we waited for a space on labour ward Vikki text, they were on Westburn ward too! Her community midwife had sent her in due to suspected water leakage and possible infection. She expected to be sent home with antibiotics. Before long we were taken to labour ward. My forewaters were broken and we waited for contractions that didn’t come. Why was my body not playing ball?!?  Vikki text, her waters had just broken!!! I was a bit gutted as I really did not want the hormone drip. I had heard it was horrendous and makes the pain way more intense than normal…as if it’s not bad enough!! The midwifes and doctors reassured me that it wouldn’t be any more painful. It’s not like I had any other options anyway. They hooked me up to the the drip at 9pm ish. It took a while to feel anything, it started as tightenings with little to no pain. The midwife gradually turned up the drip and I began having to breath through the contractions and then use gas and air. The midwifes informed us that our friends were now on labour ward and Vikki was progressing well. It was a race to the finish line ;). We aimed to have baby in our arms by midnight, a 6/6/16 birthday sounded pretty cool at the time. The pain in my back was unbearable! I’m not sure if it was my position, or his? But it’s not something I remember from my other labours. Paul played Paolo Nutini on his phone. It helped massively! Who doesn’t love a bit of Paolo!? I lay there singing along in my head and I’m sure the student midwife was singing too. There was such a nice peaceful atmosphere. It could not have been more difference from last time. The lights were dimmed. I felt calm and in control. Midnight passed. The midwifes were very hands off, which was nice. I don’t recall any internal examinations. They just let me do my thing and told me to listen to my body. I could start pushing whenever I felt ready. I pushed and pushed and literally felt like he was never coming out! If you’ve seen this kids head, you’ll undertstand haha. 

But I did it, eventually! Our third boy was born at 1:02am, 4 days early weighing 8lb 4oz. He was beautiful. Born just 6 minutes after Doug and Vikki’s son, Ruan. I still to this day and I’m sure always will go on about how unbelievable that was! SIX minutes apart! Crazy!!! We were given beds right next to each other on the postnatal ward. Broken and bruised and running on adrenalin. I have never been so exhausted! Our boys were here at long last, safe and healthy. We had to endure quite possibly the worlds loudest snoring from another lady on the ward. It was actually pretty impressive and we all laughed about it during the day. However it was not so funny during the night (not that we were getting much sleep, Ruan was unsettled and Max wanted to breastfeed non stop). Vikki quickly got the situation under control and said snorer was wheeled out of the ward into a room of her own hahaha. Poor lady, but it had to be done! Hospital stays suck but having Vikki by my side, after being bump and labour buddies was so special. And now we have our gorgeous birthday buddies!

Georgia and Cameron were staying with my mum and Harris with Paul’s mum. Georgia recently admitted to faking feeling sick so they could get the day off school and come to hospital. They were super excited, it was really sweet. Harris showed more interest in the doughnuts he’d brought in than his baby brother.

We all left hospital at the same time. It was mental how everything worked out!

Vikki, her midwife and my midwife all shared the same birthday. Pretty weird set of birthday coincidences. I think we’re just meant to be in each others lives. Sorry guys, you’re stuck with us!

Paul was and is the most attentive birth partner, I don’t know how I would get through labour without him, he’s amazing! Birthing would not be the same without him by my side. Our midwifes this time were wonderful, as were everyone else who cared for us. So so lovely!  I will forever sing their praises. Our experience was worlds apart from last time. Well done Aberdeen Maternity Hospital!

 So, two spontaneous labours and two induced. They were very similar. The induced births weren’t any worse than the others. The drip was totally fine. I actually quite liked the predictability of it!

I just looked back at our messages and felt so emotional reading through them all. My curtains were closed, it was the middle of the night. Max and I had only been on the ward for about 20mins when Vikki and Ruan joined us (though the boys were both nameless at that point)..

07/06/2016 05:00

F – Hey neighbour ðŸ˜‰
V- Hey! How unbelievable is this?!
F – I know!
V – Congratulations ðŸ’™
F – Congratulations to you too! How are you feeling? I feel broken!!
V – Totally fucked, like I’m about 75.. Tell me about your boy – what time was he born? What does he weigh?
F – Same! Can’t even stand up straight, my whole body aches!
1.02am and 8lb4oz, yours? Surreal
V – 00.56 (I think) just under 9lbs 2oz. OUCH.
F – Wow so close! Ouch indeed ðŸ˜‚. Forgot how intense pushing feels!!
V – It’s mental how close! Oh man, it was so painful. Did the drip kick in fast then?
F – No it was ok and very gradual

Currently sat listening to Paolo with happy tears running down my face as I write this! Max’s labour is going to be hard to beat, thats for sure! Beautiful memories I will treasure forever ❤️❤️❤️


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