Harris’ Birth Story

We had previously decided to stick with two children. Having such a small age gap between Georgia and Cameron was lovely but the first year was tough and put me off having any more. Of course, they grow up and you forget the hard times. We were lucky to fall pregnant soon after deciding to try for a third baby in 2013.

Morning sickness was ever so slightly less shit this time but still awful. I vowed never to do this again. Time dragged! We took the kids to Disneyland Paris when I was around 18 weeks pregnant. Probably not the best of timings really. Cameron was 4 and cried about everything and I was knackered! We had a gender scan at 19 weeks. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was utterly convinced we were expecting a girl, I just had a feeling. Boy was I wrong haha. It took a few hours for it to sink in. We had a long list of names we liked but none that felt right.

Towards the end of my pregnancy my bump started measuring behind, it stopped growing or wasn’t growing enough. The midwife referred me to the hospital for a scan on several occasions and again on my due date where they noticed that baby hadn’t grown much, if at all since the last scan a week or two before. We were sent to see a consultant where we were told that I would have to be induced, that day!!! I had heard all the induction horror stories. I was so so scared! I was taken straight to a ward, where I was to stay for 3 days. Each day they tried to get things going, but nothing.

On the third day (at 40+3), shortly after Paul arrived back on the ward at 9am I began feeling sore. The midwife ran a bath for me. The contractions intensified immediately! I really thought I was going to give birth in there! Back on the ward and I could tell the midwifes didn’t believe how much pain I was in. They kept telling me they were waiting for a bed on labour ward and offered paracetamol….is that a joke!? I was really uncomfortable and could tell things were progressing quickly (I’d done this twice before and my last two labours were fairly short). We weren’t allowed to close the curtains, apparently they needed to keep an eye on everyone and I could feel the other couples on the ward staring at me. Paul kept asking for an update on the labour ward situation, they kept fobbing him off. They eventually saw and believed me. They quickly grabbed a wheelchair and and my waters broke while they hurried me through to labour ward. I was pretty much ready to start pushing. The midwife looking after us was AWFUL, and really did put a damper on the whole experience for us. She was evil. So cold towards us and horrible to the lovely student. She really did upset me :(.

Thankfully it was the student midwife who actually delivered our baby boy! He was perfect. 7lb 11oz of cuteness! Much more petite than his big brother. So adorable. I couldn’t decide on name so let Paul choose. I’m still not 100% sure that was the right thing to do haha but he does suit the name Harris.

All I could think about was getting home, and away from that midwife. Luckily all was well and we were discharged just hours later.

That night when Georgia and Cameron met their brand new baby brother was so special. They excitedly ran upstairs to my bedroom where I was feeding Harris. They beamed with happiness and pride, as did I. My heart was and still is so full of love!

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