Cameron’s Birth Story

I will do my best to keep this one shorter than the last 😉

Georgia was just 7 months old when I fell pregnant again. We had planned a small age gap so we were over the moon!

I had the usual delight of morning sickness, thankfully not as bad as first time round. I found being pregnant and all that comes with it pretty exhausting with such a young baby to look after. I was definitely a little less crazy this time round. My craziness levels seem to reduce significantly with each pregnancy. I was almost unaffected with Max :).

My pregnancy seemed to fly by! Probably due to being so busy with Georgia. We didn’t have a gender scan this time but clearly saw that he was a boy at our 20 week scan. Cameron was the only name we liked, we didn’t have a list.

We had a 4D scan at 30 weeks! I love them and find them great for bonding with baby. Totally fascinating! If you can get one, do it! You won’t regret it.

My due date came round scarily fast. I had a couple of sweeps around my due date and woke up in labour at 40+3 at around 3am. It was intense from the get go (perhaps I slept through some of it) and so Paul called his mum to look after Georgia. We headed to AMH where we were shown to our room in the midwife led unit. No epidural this time, just gas and air. I joked with Paul that they better not tell me I’m only like 5cm dilated. Well the midwife checked and said ”good news, you’re 5cm”. That was not good news to me. The contractions were coming thick and fast and I couldn’t bare the though of it lasting for many more hours (it had only been a couple of hours at this point, hats off to you Mama’s who have really long labours!!). We decided to break my waters in the hope that this would hurry things along. The midwife left to room to get what she needed and just then I was sick and my waters popped at the same time!! I began to feel pushy straight away so Paul pressed the buzzer. I’d gone from 5-10 in minutes. There was meconium in the waters which was cause for concern but the lovely midwifes were reassuring.

A short time of pushing later and our gorgeous boy was born and placed onto my chest (where he also pooped, lovely). I could feel the weight of him on my chest, he felt heavy and looked it too! He weighed 9lb 7oz, such a big boy! I actually loved his size, he didn’t feel so fragile. He skipped first size clothes altogether. He was so cute with his squished little nose, squint from his position in the womb!

Our heaviest baby, yet my easiest birth so far!

We were taken to the postnatal ward where Georgia came to meet Cameron, shortly followed by our family. Everyone was shocked by his size! We had to spend the night so they could keep an eye on him after the meconium in the waters and also to keep an eye on his blood sugar levels due to his size. He was fine and we got home the following day. Not before the dreaded anti-D injection in my butt!

Cameron finds it highly amusing that he pooped inside me and then on my chest. Boys eh! 🙂




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