Georgia’s Birth Story

I fell pregnant with Georgia at 17. That’s Just 8 years older than she is now eeeeek! I celebrated my 18th birthday with a bump. I was seriously unprepared for the journey and most of all the hormonal changes that were to come. I’m sure Paul will back me up on this…I was pure evil and an absolute b*tch. Sorry Paul!

Shortly before finding out we were expecting, I witnessed the birth of my nephew, James. I was well and truly traumatised! I remember calling Paul as I stood outside the maternity hospital in shock, telling him that we would never ever be having children. I was serious. There was no way I would ever be putting myself through that. But as it turns out, it was too late. Georgia had already made herself at home in my womb. There was no going back. My entire pregnancy was overshaddowed by the immense fear I felt. I was petrified. I couldn’t think about labour wihtout getting the shakes and feeling completely panicked!

Aside from the fear, my pregnancy was fairly uneventful, in a good way. I had a small bleed at 9 weeks which was terrifying but a scan showed everything to be as it should be with no explanation for the bleeding. Morning sickness took hold pretty early on before fizzling out at 23 weeks. We had a gender scan in Edinburgh at 24 weeks and were overjoyed with the news that we were expecting a girl (I’d secretly been hoping for a girl). Shopping for a baby girl is the best! Ridiculously cute. Its not quite the same in the boys section is it? I loved watching my bump grow, growing a new life is so special.

I always had a feeling that she would come early (not super early, just a few weeks). She didn’t of course. I have felt the same in each one of my pregnancies. I guess it’s  just wishful thinking. My due date came and went. She kept us waiting. Each overdue day feels like a week. I sat nervously and excitedly waiting for something to happen. Thinking ‘Is this it..’ with every twinge.

I eventually went into labour at 40+6. I began feeling uncomfortable in the early hours. However (and this is probably way TMI) I was convinced I just needed the toilet so sent Paul off to work. I had a show and contractions started straight away. It was all very text book. Paul had been feeling particularly pleased with how early he got to work that morning so was a little peeved when he received my call shortly after arriving haha. I should have told him apparently. I genuinely did not think it was labour starting and didn’t want him in our tiny flat while I did my business hahaha. He told me to take a bath and see if things settle, this only intensified the contractions so he rushed home.

He called my mum, who was also my birth partner to say that I ‘wasn’t coping well’….as you can imagine this went down really well ;). I was coping perfectly fine, it just bloody hurt! I used a Tens machine, which actually worked quite well as a distraction method. Such an odd sensation though! We called the maternity hospital. The midwife could tell from my voice that it was the real deal and told us to head in. My waters broke as we were heading out the door. I cried. Paul helped me into a pair of his joggers and more water gushed. I cried some more.

My birth plan firmly stated no epidural and I was booked in to the midwife led unit. Oh so naive, it’s laughable now. I very quickly informed the receptionist.. I’d changed my mind, I NEEDED the epidural and therefor labour ward was where I had to go. Don’t mess with a woman in labour! I was 7-8cm on arrival. It all happened much faster than I had been expecting, thankfully. By the time someone was available to administer the epidural, I felt that pushy feeling. I was assured I couldn’t be ready to push just yet. I knew I was, and my mum could see it too! They didn’t check and carried on with the epidural. Georgia’s heart rate began to change with each contraction (I’ve since heard that this can be caused by the epidural?). I was asked to try lying on my side, this didn’t help. The midwife called for help and lots more people rushed into the room. They are not joking when they say leave your dignity at the door… Im sure there was at least 10 people in that room!! The doctors decided that it would be safest to get baby out ASAP and opted for a ventouse delivery. The blimmin epidural hadn’t kicked it, I was not ready!

Our baby girl quickly arrived into the world, happy and healthy weighing in at 7lb 0.5oz. Most newborns look kind of, well, a bit squished and funny looking to begin with. She wasn’t at all and was beautiful from the moment she was born. With the softest skin and tiniest little nose. We had several names on our list (including Summer, Poppy, Lily and Ella), but Georgia had always been a firm favourite. I love her name!

I remember thinking ‘what was all the fuss about’. I think because I had spent the past 9 months worrying and expecting the worst, I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, there is absolutely no denying that the pain is horrific, almost unbearable. I fully expected to feel as though I was dying. Dramatic, I know. It really wasn’t that bad. I had forgotten the pain by the time we were taken up to the postnatal ward. Hard to believe at the time, but you really do forget. Until you go to do it again that is, then it all comes flooding back!

Paul and I were shell shocked. It took a little while for it to sink it. We were parents!! This brand new life was in our hands, our responsibility. It’s pretty scary, especially so at such a young age I think. I’d like to think we’ve done not too bad so far. Georgia is a confident, kind and considerate girl and the absolute best big sister!! We are so very proud of our girl.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading!


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