That Crazy Mama

Yup that’s me, I’m that crazy mama. The one with all the kids and soon to be mini bus to go along with them, haha! The frazzled one that can barely string a sentence together, or at least one that makes any sense to anyone over the age of three! Admittedly I am slightly dreading having a van as our main car (that really is crazy) but cannot wait for all that space. There are 9 seats (3 spare seats to fill ;)). The boot space is one of the main reasons we’re upsizing. We are hoping to take up camping this year, since holidaying abroad with four young children is not my idea of fun and we’re not in a position to remortgage ;). Saying that, a decent tent may require remortgaging. We’re looking at the Vango Inspire 800xxl Tent. It’s a beast! We had a big family camping weekend last year when Max was just five weeks old. I expected to HATE it but actually it was great fun and I’m really looking forward to our next adventure!

I’m thinking we need a cute little car to go along with the bus. You know, for those rare occasions when I’m out with no children. Perhaps if I agree to a motorbike, he’ll agree to a Fiat 500. Wishful thinking but you just never know..

Have you seen the movie ‘Bad Moms’? If you haven’t, do it now! It’s hilarious. Paul said it is the best chick flick he’s ever seen and he’s suffered though many. Apparently I’m ‘Kiki’, the crazy one with four kids and no friends…thanks Paul! I do love Kiki though!

Paul has already used the line ‘Jesus, you look like a bag of dicks’!!

Its taken time but I’m finally happy to wear my crazy mama badge with pride, most of the time haha!

P.s I’m adding another goal to my list….


Seriously, what is wrong with me. Every single morning while dragging my ass out of bed after snoozing the alarm way too many times I’m filled with regret. I promise myself to be in bed by 9pm. Never happens. Tomorrow night will be the night. It’s in writing so that means I can’t change my mind, right?

And…I’ve just realised I have to put the bedding back on my bed (at 00:25). F*ck! Every.single.time.

Apologies for rambling on. Night x

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