February 2017

Living My Dream

Mum. Just a word to many, but to me it means the world. As a young girl I would blow out my birthday candles and wish to be a mum some day, to have a baby of my own. Now I have four. Four healthy and beautiful children, I got what I wished for four times over how lucky am I!

Except some days I lose track, I forget how lucky I am..

My head gets so screwed up from stress and anxiety. Raising children is hard, like really hard. Being a mum, especially a stay at home mum is a pretty underappreciatedĀ role in society these days. I feel a constant pressure to somehow study and build a career, just being a mum is not enough. From a young age I have wanted to be a midwife, I still do. However, with a partner who works away for half the year, it is just not somethingĀ I can pursue…for now at least. I want to contributeĀ financially. I want to set a good example forĀ these crazy little humans we created. I want to make my parents proud. But I also want to be there for our children.Ā From just being there when they get home from school to helping them with childcare (I can’t believe I’m talking about grandchildren!) so they can pursue their own dreams. I can’t win. For now I’m ‘Mum’, I have my dream job and though it may be tough at times, it’s bloody amazing and I want to give it my all.

IĀ haveĀ started this blog in order to push myself. Push myself to be a better version of me. To do more with the kids and have fun. Show them that health and happiness are all that really matter in this world. I’m going to be more organised. I’m fed up of mum guilt weighing me down. I need to get my shit together! I have set myself some goals. They are pretty basic but if I stick to them I know they’ll do us as a family the world of good.

  • Get out of the house, go for at least one walkĀ a day.
  • Keep on top of housework,Ā specificallyĀ mount laundry šŸ˜‰
  • Put my phone away, especially around kids!!
  • Read more

Wish me luck! xxx

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